Friday, May 27, 2011

Link Love

Well, it's been a super busy week at BEA 2011 but I still managed to do a little reading around the web.  Here's some links for ya, posted - as always- with lurv.

Cecelia Tan has a very interesting post up about DRM and ebook piracy.  She makes some great points that have me nodding my head in agreement, like this one on illegal downloading:
Of those 100,000 who downloaded your book, most of them aren’t reading it anyway. 90,000 probably never open the file. Of the 10,000 who do, you just got the equivalent of them opening a copy of the book on the shelf at a bookstore to see if they like it. Most traditional authors would have KILLED to have such great placement in the bookstores as to attract 10,000 browsers to pick up the book and look in it. Out of those 10K, say 3 out of 4 decide the book is not their cup of tea. So now we’re down to 2500 who are genuinely interested. In the brick and mortar world, retail rule of thumb says 500 of them would have a good chance of buying it. Another 500 probably go to the library and borrow it. The other 3/5ths never close the deal and put the book back on the shelf and forget about it.

If you haven't already seen the list, here are the 2011 Nebula Award Winners.

A Few Thoughts on Reading Widely  Reading widely, once practiced, is not a process, but an encouragement, an admonition to explore...  

The Romance of A Fetish  - I'm fascinated by fetishes... intellectually speaking, of course.  *snort* 

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