Saturday, May 14, 2011

Link Love

A while back I linked to a post by N. K. Jemison on what should science fiction sound like.  Lavie Tidhar is having a similar issue with The Faces You Don't See.   And over at Racialicous, Arturo Garcia asks When Is Diversity 'Contrived'?

Here's a nifty post on anthropomorphism and sailing vessels from the Clarion blog.  Alive Upon the Sea

Romance novels get a bad rap from the general reading public.  I know plenty of folks who think nothing of going to see the latest craptacular romantic comedy at the local googlaplex but wouldn't dream of actually reading a romance. I'm the opposite.  I rarely watch romcom movies  but I have no problem reading romances.  In fact for a good ten plus years, romance was my genre of choice.  One of the things that appeals to me about romances is the emotionally pay off.  Sherwood Smith has a piece up about intimate space and romance novels that is worth checking out.  Romance Novels and the Dogpoo Filter

File under This Is A Surprise?  girls will read books about boys but boys won't read books about girls.  From the NY Times: New Study Finds Gender Bias in Children's Books

I read quite a few series.  One of the things I enjoy is watching the characters grow, seeing how they change as the series progresses.  So this post by Lane Robins (who writes under the name Lyn Benedict), was of particular interest to me.  The Growth of a Protagonist in a Series

There's been some girl-geek-on-girl-geek hating happening lately over geek-cred.  Girls Read Comics has a great post up about it, Do You and Other Words of Wisdom About Female Geekery.  And then read this one, Dicks and False Dichotomies.

I loved reading fairy tales, folklore, fables, and myths growing up so I dig where Catherynne Valente is coming from in Confessions of a Fairy Tale Addict

Emily St. John Mandel's 5 Questions Never To Ask at a Bookstore Reading.  Ok, I would never ask any of these questions... but I would want to ask the first one.  Because when I read a book I looove, the first thing I do is check to see when the next is coming out. Asking when an author's next book is coming out is my way of saying, Oh My God! I Loved Your Book! I Can't Wait to Read the Next! I Want It I Want It I Want It!

An essay on Edward Gorey...  just because. Habitual Interspecies Gorey

Why Science Fiction Needs Violence and, I'd add, this holds true for other genres as well.  There are some stories, no matter the genre, that need violence and it's repercussions or the story does not ring true.  

Lothaire's Mate Has Been Announced  I just love Kresley Cole's books.  She continually makes me laugh.  

And Just for Fun:

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