Welcome to So I Read This Book... a place for thoughtful essays and literate reviews on the books I've read.

Nah, not really.
More like the place where I spout off about books and whatever else I happen to be interested in at the time.  

I'm k reads - overlord, blogtrix and raconteur.    

Currently, I seem to be reading a lot of m/m romance fiction & fantastika; primarily urban fantasy, dark fantasy and steampunk.  I'm also trying to work my way through my crazy-large TBR pile.

I also like to read about the process of writing, industry news, and general information about the world of books (in all genres, even the ones I don't normally read).  

Please note: This blog is intended for adults.  Some material and language are not suitable for minors.  If you are under 18, thanks so much for visiting.  I mean that sincerely.  Now, beat it. 

For those who stay - Welcome.  Thanks for coming.
For those who don't - no hard feelings.

Either way, thanks for visiting.

k reads
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