Review Policy

What I Review:
Originally, this blog was devoted to speculative fiction but, honey, at this point, I'm trying to work my way through my (very large) TBR pile.  This doesn't mean I have given up on the fantastical, but I need branch out a little.

I have a preference for female authors and/or female protagonists but I'm not limited.  I'll read books by authors with all kinds of genitalia.  (Or lack thereof).

I'm a fairly eclectic reader but there are some types of stories I'm not keen on.  Here's a list of things I avoid:
Epic Fantasy
Fiction with Entertainer/Performer Main Characters
Chick Lit
Dick Lit
Self Help
Secret Baby Stories
Arthurian Legends
Serial Killer Stories
Assassin/Mercenaries...  Who Only Kill People That Deserve It

That being said, I have read many stories of all those types.  I'm just not a fan of them.

Please note:
At this time, I do not accept ARCs/books for review.
If you would like to bring your book(s) to my attention, you are welcome to Friend me on Goodreads, where I can see your postings and get an idea if your books are something I might be interested in.

I do not host giveaways, contests or do author interviews.
I do not participate in blog tours.
Nor do I not accept ads.

I can be contacted here at: kreads2much(at)

I've modified my book ratings and am switching over to the five star system. As of January 2016, I will be using the star system.

5 Stars: Loved it. It was perfect. Or I loved it so much I don't care if it wasn't perfect.
4 Stars: Really liked it.
3 Stars: Good. 
2 Stars: Meh. It was ok. 
1 Star: Hated it.

DNF: self explanatory 

Pre- 2016 Review 
A: Loved it.  Would like to make sweet sweet love to it.
B: Liked it.  It was good w/ minor flaws.  Worth reading.
C: It was ok but has flaws that hurt the overall story.
D: Didn't like it.  Made me want to stab knitting needles into my eyes.
F:   For the finger I give for wasting my time.

DNF:  Self explanatory.