Friday, March 11, 2011

Link Love

I read Kate Griffin's A Madness of Angels while on vacation in New Orleans last year and was really impressed.  I read a lot of urban fantasy but this was the first one I'd read where the magic system was intrinsically linked to its setting as opposed to just taking place in a city.  This urban fantasy could not take place anywhere but in a city.  Over at the Orbit Books website, N. K. Jemisin has a post up about her love of the series.  Go on over and take a gander.  You Should Be Reading Kate Griffin

10 Best SFF Books of the Decade  - readers poll over at Tor.
25 Steampunk Novels for Aficianados
The Posthumous Popularity of Edward Gorey

Court Rules No Libel in Book Review Case - hey, remember that case I linked to about the author who sued a book reviewer for libel over a bad review?  Well, not only did she lose, she is going to have to pay damages for artificially bringing proceedings through the French criminal system.

Carolyn Crane Opines about Fuck - I am a big fan of fuck.

MythPunk Panel from Boskone 48

dabwaha - this sunday is the big day to make your picks for the DA/SBTB tournament.  I think I got knocked out in the first round last year.  this year, I am determined to go all the way.

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