Friday, March 4, 2011

Link Love

Why Your Book Buyer hates You
Why Your Used Book Store Clerk Hates You
Free Kindles Coming? - not sure how I feel about this, (if it does indeed happen.)  I have a lot of issues with e-readers.  Plus, the idea of getting a free Kindle but having to pay a yearly fee, doesn't really make it free.  It is more cost effective to buy a Kindle for $150, (or whatever the price is now), than it is to pay $79 a year for the privilege, (the cost of an Amazon prime membership.)  I guess it depends on how much that yearly fee will be.
A Rant About Whores - it's several years old but still worth reading
Coining Steampunk
Recommended Women Horror Writers - Horror is not my genre but I have read Mira Grant's first book, Feed, liked it a lot and would totally recommend it.  I did find it odd that Marjorie M. Liu's name was included in the additional recommendations.  I would not categorize her as a horror writer.
Reviews Are for Readers - this has been linked to by many others but I feel strongly enough about the issue to post a link here as well.
Pyr's Spring/Summer Catalog - check out what Pyr has coming out this spring and summer.
The Birth of the Modern Romance - I love the list of things that were different in 1972
Colonizing Space is a Dirty Term
Apple Goes From David to Goliath
Arthur C. Clark Award Shortlist

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