Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Love For Meljean Brook

Hey!  Meljean Brook's Heart of Steel was chosen as one of Amazon's best romance books of the year.  Good for her!  After you've checked out the list, you can download the Kindle version of Wild & Steamy, a novella collection that contains an Iron Seas story - and it's free!  (Not sure how long that will last so get it while you can.)

I think Brook is one of the best out there.  Her world building is phenomenal as is the depth of her characterization.  Each time I reread one of her books, I discover something new, no matter how many times I've already read it.  Brook started out writing fanfic and posting it to various online forums.  Enter editor Cindy Hwang from Berkely.  While tooling around the internet, Hwang came across some of Brook's fanfic.  Impressed, she read everything of Brook's that she could find, including a chapter from an original piece Brook had posted on her website.  That, coupled with the strength of Brook's fanfic, led Hwang to contact Meljean about her work and the rest is history.

After hearing this story, I, of course, had to track down some of that fanfic.  The wait between her books is too long.  (Well, not really.  I'm just an impatient, greedy pete.)   She has a shipper story about Batman and Wonder Woman that is adult (and I don't mean that as code for porn-y, although it is very sexy) and richly layered.   It was marvelous and pressed my buttons in a good way.  But if porn-y is what you are looking for, there is also Sloppy Seconds, a very funny bedroom story involving Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

So because I am all about sharing, I'm posting a couple of links.  No need to thank me, I'm all about the love.

In Darkest Light
Sloppy Seconds
Iced Mocha

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