Thursday, October 13, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011

So it's that time of year - the New York Comic Con is happening at the end of this week at the grand ol' Javitts Center in lovely mid-town Manhattan and yours truly will be there.  The hardcore fans will probably go every day but me, I'm just going on Friday.  School and work should cut down the numbers of attendees that day, leaving Saturday and Sunday the huge days to go.   I don't like crowds and there is still plenty to do and see on Friday, especially since, for the first time,  Friday will be a full day at the convention.  I plan on attending several panels.  Some that have caught my eye: 

  • Zombies, Fallen Angels, and Other Paranormals Give New Meaning To
  • The Del Rey Spectra Steampunk Zombie Invasion
  • Intro to Intellectual Property Law
  • The Never Ending Battle (A PBS Documentary) Exclusive Preview 
  • Steampunk 101
  • XX: The Women of Queer Comics
  • Steampunk in Comics and Literature
  • Demonic Hotspots, Infernal Pit Stops and the Badlands: The Great American Roadtrip to Hell
Huh.  Eight panels.  That's a pretty long list.. for me.  In past years, my must list was maybe  three panels long and I'd spend the rest of my time roaming the floor and talking to book publishers, trying to find out if anything hot was coming down the pike.

Anyway.  When I was gearing up for BEA 2011,  I put together a couple of NYC informational posts for those visiting from out of town.  I thought the info could be helpful to those coming to comic con and I've linked to them below.  
Have a great time at comic con, don't act like a douchebag and be safe!

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