Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book News

  • Ann Aquirre has just sold two new series.  The first is a science fiction trilogy  described as Prison Break in  space.  The second is a steampunk whodunnit written with Andres Aguirre.  Both are out in 2013.  You can read all about it here.
  • From Meljean Brook's Really Infrequent Newsletter comes this:   In January 2012, "Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City" will be included in the mass market reprint of The Iron Duke and issued as a standalone ebook a few months later. I've also been given the go-ahead on a novella for Scarsdale -- look for that in Summer 2012.   HOORAY! Scarsdale!  I am so ready for his story. I wonder why it's a novella, though.  Lord knows Scarsdale has enough baggage for a full length story.
  • This sounds like it could be interesting... From Lilith Saintcrow: I’m happy to announce that Orbit short fiction will be bringing out my “teenage Antichrist” short story, Unfallen, this fall. I must admit a great deal of the genesis of that story was reading Slacktivist’s awesome blow-by-blows of the Left Behind series. (He reads so we don’t have to! And really, we’re grateful for that.) Slacktivist articulates a number of things that have always made me incredibly uncomfortable about evangelism and Dominionism, and especially the current craziness swallowing evangelical Christianity in America as a whole. All that aside, however, the short story came from a very simple question: what if the Antichrist was just a teenager who wanted to be liked?

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