Sunday, July 3, 2011

Link Love

So you may have noticed that my regular Friday feature, Link Love, has been missing for the last couple of weeks and I'll tell ya why:  putting together a Link Love post is a lot of work.  I end up spending hours upon hours reading other blogs in search of interesting links to post and then even more time coming up with commentary.  It's enormously time consuming and pulls me away from readin' and reviewin'.
But... the whole reason why I started this feature was because I love when other blogs do link posts.  I have found it to be an incredibly useful feature and a great way for me to keep up with what is happening in the book world.  There are blogs I read just for the links.
So I've decided to streamline Link Love.  I'll still post it semi-regularly but I will now no longer give commentary on the links.  (Although, feel free to comment on them here, if you want.)  It will be just a straight list.  But each and every link will be awesome.  Or at least sorta interesting.

So without further ado, here are your links:

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